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"Time Heist" reaction post

Half an hour until Doctor Who, post your comments here if you wish. ("Time Heist" sounds like a very "classic Who" title, doesn't it?)

"Listen" reaction post

I'm on holiday! So posting this early, in case I end up watching this one late on iPlayer. If you wish, you can leave your comments or thoughts on the episode below (spoilers in the comments).

Everytime I read the word "listen" in connection with Doctor Who, I think of one of two things. Either the not-quite-kiss between Ten and the Master or John Barrowman molesting aspiring musical theatre stars.

This episode will probably have to go a long way to shake those associations.

"Robot of Sherwood" reaction post

Since I will be busy eating Chinese food later on today, I'm setting up the reaction post a little (i.e. 3 hours) early.

What we know about "Robot of Sherwood" so far:

1. It's the third Doctor Who story with "robot" in the title and about the millionth to feature actual robots (assuming there's a robot, which seems like a fairly safe assumption).

2. It's a Mark Gatiss episode, a thought that would have filled me with fear until season 7 when he unexpectedly wrote two episodes I really liked.

3. If the people who claim Robin Hood really did exist are right, it is also a Mark Gatiss Historical Figure episode, which is something of a different prospect.

4. There used to be a beheading scene in it, but now there isn't.

"Into the Dalek" reaction post

Reactions here, if you like.

Also, if you wish, you can place these daleks in order of awesome:

1. Black and white can't-move-properly-outside-the-studio daleks
2. "Do I have the right?" era daleks
3. Made-from-dead-people daleks
4. "At least they can't go upstairs - oh shit" era daleks
5. Emo existential dalek
6. Sass-talking cyber-killing daleks
7. "I look like a human with a turd on my head" dalek
8. Over-exaggerating doom-prophesising dalek
9. Power Ranger daleks
10. Respectable museum-inhabiting stone dalek
11. Cuckoo's Nest daleks
12. OMFG she's a dalek
13. Whatever these daleks in this new episode are

Season 8 writers

Courtesy of Wikipedia, writing and directing credits for the rest of the season (this is a screengrab, so the links don't work):


Normally I take a look at this stuff before the season starts, but this time I didn't. I'm interested to see that Steven Moffat is now co-writing episodes. This almost feels like... an admission of something. Maybe? We've also got three new writers, which feels like a good thing to me. No female writers sadly, but two female directors.

Is it just me or does this list make you wonder whether there might be some "positioning" going on here?

"Deep Breath" reaction post

Whilst in all likelihood this community is deader than Eleven, I'm still doing a reaction post. This is mostly in case Tumblr collapses under the weight of collective joy, despair or rage, leaving people flocking back to Livejournal in desperation as they look for somewhere to post their comments and reactions to "Deep Breath."

Spoilers in the comments (if there are any).

Slightly spoilery non-spoilers

Doctor Who: 12 things you should know about the 12th doctor

Includes a combination of speculation, vague hints and a couple of lines/jokes spoiled from "Deep Breath."[Spoiler (click to open)]
I didn't really buy that thing about him being all "dark" anyway.

New rules - PLEASE READ

Please note that the community rules have been updated. In particular, in response to a significant number of requests, this community will no longer welcome fanworks. Any fanworks posted here from today's date will be deleted.

Up a Tree


   Title: Up a Tree (p.30)
   Author: betawho
   Rating: PG
   Characters: 11th Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams
   Chapter Index (Start at the beginning, or anywhere.)

   This is the last chapter, only the epilogue left to go.

   Summary: This is a sort of "Doctor Who" meets "Avatar" story, without the avatars.

   The Doctor, Amy, and Rory land on a human colony world where the colonists live in gigantic trees. A whole city in     the treetops. But what starts out as a lark, ends with a murder, an ancient mystery, and  a local race of "not quite intelligent" spider-monkey-like creatures that might have a reason for not quite being intelligent... (Read More...)

New York to Leadworth - (Melody Pond)

Title: New York to Leadworth
Author: betawho
Rating: PG
Characters: 11th Doctor, Melody Pond (Mels), TARDIS
Words: 1746

Summary: How did Melody get from 1960's New York to 1990's Leadworth as a child?  (Read More...)


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