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Discussion, squee and general obsession over the Steven Moffat "Doctor Who" era
Welcome to Moffat Era Who, a Livejournal community dedicated to discussion of Steven Moffat era "Doctor Who." Please feel free to post reviews, discussion, speculation and photos here.


1. PURPOSE. This community has been specifically designed for fans of the Eleventh Doctor, the Steven Moffat era of "Doctor Who" and previous Moffat-penned stories. We're not saying you have to love absolutely everything about the current Who era, but it is intended for fans who enjoy the current era. This is not the place for "stfu moffat" rants.

2. CONTENT. Feel free to post reviews, speculation and photos here. Any large posts (more than a paragraph), should go under a Livejournal cut. Please note that, following requests, this is now a primary discussion-based community and not a fanworks community. For posting or reading fanworks, I recommend the doctorwho community or the who_otp community.

3. EPISODE REACTIONS. Please note, reaction posts will be started on Saturdays before a new episode is screened. Comments in these posts will contain spoilers. Brief comments on the episode should be posted here, rather than as separate topics. However, it is fine to start a new topic containing or linking to a larger review. (If I ever forget to do the reaction post, please go ahead and start one yourself!)

4. SPOILERS. Please remember that not everybody wants to know plots of episodes that haven't been screened yet and not everybody watches episodes when they first air. Therefore, all spoilers should be placed below a Livejournal cut.

5. RESPECT. Don't be a moron. Racist/sexist/homophobic language will not be tolerated. Personal attacks on other members are also unacceptable. Please also note that although we are primarily concerned with Steven Moffat era Who, this is not a place to attack other creators or actors - criticism is fine, inflammatory language is not. Essentially, if you wouldn't say something to someone's face, don't say it here.

6. MODERATION. Currently, topics can be posted without moderator approval. This policy will be reviewed if things get rowdy. Moderators will step in if the above rules are broken. For minor infractions or misunderstandings, you can expect a polite request. For serious idiocy, the post or comment will be deleted and repeat offenders and spammers may be banned from the community.